Akua Akoma Hansen

About Akua

Akua was born in Germany to a Ghanaian Soccer Playing dad and Irish mother, took up tennis at the age of 10 and has ever since not missed a day of rigorous practice towards mastering the competitive sport tennis.

From humble beginnings, Akua and her dad had to look for give-away tennis rackets, abandoned tennis balls and free tennis courts in order to be able to practice. However, due to Akua and her dad’s persistence and will to succeed, her career path began showing promising results of a rising star.

Akua is right-handed but mastered how to play tennis with her left hand within 2- years, giving her a remarkable competitive advantage against other players.

She began playing in several local tournaments after two years of talent development and training in Hamburg, Germany and featured in the under listed international tournaments; Portugal, Praga Open in 2017, England, Aylesbury Open, France (Nates), Bressure Open, Spain (Palma de Mallorca), Villas Open and Germany, Sanderland Münster Open.

Akua has attained a ranking of Number 40 in the Under 12 Female Division in Germany.
Due to unfair competition which she had to endure as a young female tennis player in Germany, it became imperative that Akua relocates to Ghana to be attuned with her true cultural identity and compete in a more welcoming environment to optimize her chances of success.

Ghana4All (Management Consultants) for Akua’s tennis career development, have so far facilitated access to tennis gear and accessories, and are directly responsible for signing her up to competitive
Tennis Clubs, Health & Fitness Gyms and arranging exhibition matches to boost Akua’s profile.

She has this far been mentored and coached by her dad, who was once a professional football player and sports talent developer/ coach in Germany. She follows a very strict fitness regimen to develop the physique and stamina required to stay on top of her game. Jogging, Aerobics, Weight-Lifting, Deep Tissue Massage and Playing Tennis 5- Days in a Week.

Akua is in Junior High School (JHS) and is aspiring towards becoming a medical doctor in future.