Geoffrey Kyei Hansen
Sports Talent Discovery and Career Development Manager

About Geoffrey

Geoffrey Kyei Hansen (6th October, 1988) is the Sports Talent Discovery and Career Development Manager of Ghana4All. He was born in Hamburg, Germany to a Ghanaian mother from Kumasi.

He discovered his talent for sports at an early age and ventured into football at the age of 6. He played for several juvenile teams in Germany including Hamburger SV, ST Pauli and Preußen Münster. However,
due to a knee injury, he quit football and trained as a nurse.

His talent and flair for sports coaching has always been his drive to produce and enhance talents from the African diaspora. Geoffrey maintained his passion for football, golf and tennis, and began coaching young footballers, and tennis players during his spare time.

He challenged himself to develop the tennis talent and career of a Nigerian friend Roland Noha Akugue’s daughter Noma and his own Akua Akoma, and within 2- years of coaching and training he pushed Akua into the top 40 rankings of under-12 tennis female national competition in Germany and Noma into number 2 position of the under 16 competition and the top 100 of German Women National ranking.
Geoffrey’s decision to relocate to Ghana was not only triggered by discrimination and unfair competition that he experienced during his coaching and career development efforts with Noma and Akua Akoma (Daughter) in Germany but also to write history as the first Ghanaian female tennis player in the WTA ranking.

The Ghanaian sports sector presents a unique cultural experience and welcoming environment to optimize tennis talent and career development for Akua Akoma his daughter.