Ashaiman Artisan Village Project

Vision & Project Description

To develop an Industrial Hub with the requisite infrastructure, appropriate technology and human resources to enhance artisanal activities, stimulate creativity and commercialize the talents of unemployed women and youth within the Ashaiman Municipality. The project includes processing, packaging materials and recyclable waste into industrial raw materials, to fuel the growth of local industries and satisfy international demand.


Project Owners: Ashaiman Municipal Assembly
Development Partners: Ghana4All Limited
Stakeholders: National Board for Small-Scale Industries (NBSSI)
Location: Ashaiman

Construction of 2- Floor Residential Unit (Community 10 Tema)

Situated at community 10, Tema, a two storey detached elegant 4 bedroom home with a swimming pool. It has modern interiors. This luxury home is under construction and should be delivered to our client by end December 2019.

The ultimate dream home. We are constructing a blend of minimalistic and Mediterranean trendy architecture with the sole of presenting an elegant concept of living in the tropics.